Church Growth

A certain farmer went out to sow his seed….some fell on good soil and yielded a good crop, a hundred times more than was sown.” Luke 8:5-8

Grace Ministries has three resources that will help greatly in establishing and maintaining a growing church. First, Evangelism 101 is the ultimate apologetics/outreach resource available. It will build confidence in the faith we hold and give a simple effective strategy to reach those around us. Second,100X is a joint venture with the Leadership Network that covers ten specific areas that a leadership team needs to consider when serious about reaching the lost. The Measure of Spiritual Maturity will help leadership evaluate and enhance the level of personal spiritual maturity within a congregation and Christar provides tools to help churches reach ethnic groups in their communities particularly Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus.


    Church Growth

    100X – Fresh Ideas for Church Growth, Health, & Vitality: FACT: Over 90% of all American churches have either plateaued or are declining. Why, with all the resources, manpower, and Biblical knowledge available, are the large majority of churches so ineffective in reaching the lost in their communities? 100X interviews many of the top church growth leaders in the country. Their insight can help any leadership team understand and embrace the Biblical concepts that so many churches have lost. Are you ready to take the next step in growing your church beyond the mediocre? 10 sessions, each about 20 minutes, free Discussion Guide included.

  • Spiritual Maturity

    The Measure of Spiritual Maturity: Many churches seem to be in “maintenance” mode. Not satisfied with where they are but unwilling to take the steps necessary for total “renewal”. Dr. Gene Getz walks us through the steps of personal and corporate renewal in this classic series. He will point out the specific areas where renewal and commitment must occur if real change is to take place. Some of the most respected Christian leaders introduce the sessions. Tony Evans, Max Lucado, Josh McDowell, and many others share their thoughts on how to renew and revitalize your church to a level you have not experienced before. 11 sessions, about 30 minutes each.

  • Periscope


    Christar: One of the newest additions to the Grace Ministries team is the world-wide mission organization group called Christar. Their specialty is reaching into Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist people groups with Gospel of Jesus Christ. God, in His wonderful plan, is bringing many from these people groups to our very doorstep. Nearly every community has families from these groups that are now our neighbors, co-workers, and classmates. Unfortunately, 98% of Christians have no idea on how to reach them with the Good News. Christar provides tools and resources to help congregations understand these groups and how to share the truth of Jesus with them. Christar also has one of the most comprehensive and diverse short-term mission programs in the world.

  • Ministry match

    Ministry Match

    There are dozens of skill testing, personality assessment, and gift discovery surveys. None are completely comprehensive, particularly when it comes to Christian ministry. Filling staff and volunteer positions in ministry can be frustrating and time-consuming. Ministry Match takes the burden off search teams and gives them a simple, thorough system to evaluate and place the right prople, in the right job, every time.

    The multi-faceted MM surveys measure the elements of an individual's life that are directly related to Christian ministry. Taken by any number of candidates, the information is stored in a private church account. Then, with Ministry Connect, the system will match the candidate to the position that best fits their skills, personality, and gifting. Time-saving, Easy-to-use.

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  • Evangelism


    Jesus told us "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" and "You shall be witnesses". Let's be honest, many of us are pretty weak when it comes to sharing our faith. Maybe we need to take a close look at what we believe. What makes the Christian faith so unique? Evangelism 101 takes a deep dive into five areas that show the uniqueness of our faith and is guaranteed to build confidence in the truth we hold. Experts in world religion share their insight on what makes Christianity stand out among all other faiths and why it is the only one that truly reconciles us to God. Then we will learn five simple and effective strategies to reach the world around us for Christ. A complete and thorough evangelism study that is a must for every believer.

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