“As I looked out over the crowd, I saw more than half of the people facing some kind of crisis in their life that I knew about personally. They were eager to hear how God was going to help them through their trial. As the study from Exodus 14 unfolded, I found myself facing crises that I hadn’t anticipated. Crisis 101 came at a perfect time in our church with practical steps from God’s Word to help us all. Many have testified how God is helping them through their struggle. I am grateful for the LORD bringing this study to us.”

God Bless,

Pastor Mark Rindels
First Baptist Church
Grass Valley, CA

Hello Bill,

Just wanted to let you know, I just finished previewing Crisis 101. It is a wonderful resource!


Betty S.
UMC Resource Center, Coordinator

"It (Crisis 101) is a real blessing and I have given several Red Sea Rules books to others. Dr. Morgan is a great teacher. I was blessed by each lesson. Thanks again."

Mt. Zion Baptist
North Central Georgia

I've felt God opening the door for me to discover this product at just the right time. We're going through some things at our church and I know a lot of our people are going through crisis. It's nothing less than a divine thing.

I've been praying for months for something that would not only be helpful for the church, in terms of growing people spiritually in the area of discipleship, but I also wanted a product that would be easy to invite outside people to come to. Something that would ring a bell with people in the community we are trying to reach.

We put together 2,000 hand-out cards we've been passing out, making phone calls, and doing a lot of things to get the word out in the community in general, not just the church community. We are kicking of Crisis 101 on 9/11, this Sunday. We're tying in the 15th anniversary of the crisis we experienced as a nation with Rule #1. About 100 people are participating in the (Crisis 101) group. It's exciting.

Pastor Mark R.
First Baptsit Church
Northeast California

Just wanted to let you know that I am using Crisis 101 and I really do love it. Thank you very much for it. It has been a real blessing to us. Thanks a lot and God bless you.

Counseling Pastor
Assembly of God - SD

Crisis 101 worked out really well for us. We did a 10-session series during the summer on Sunday nights. It went really, really well. Really good stuff.

Pastor Knox
First Baptist Church - TN

We are going through Crisis 101. We did Red Sea Rule #8 last week (Trust God to deliver in His own unique way). There are some scratching their heads thinking 'Why haven't I heard this before?' as if it's almost like a 'spiritual virtue' to worry! It (Crisis 101) has been incredibly helpful.

Cliff W.
Sr. Pastor
First Church of the Nazarene - Grande Ronde, OR

I have been applying the "Red Sea Rules" in my current crisis situation and God has been showing me so much about His provision and promises. He is the same God who parted the Red Sea for His children Israel and I know that He is the same God who saved me and is giving me His wisdom to daily apply the Red Sea Rules to my life. Thank you for this biblical resource from Robert Morgan, truly each principal had and is a "plumb" line to set my mind in the thoughts of God as I journey through my own Exodus.

Respectfully Submitted,
L. Jacobs

"Crisis 101 has been a tremendous, powerful blessing for me personally, for my wife, and for our church. Incredible lessons and very timely."

Vernon V.
Sr. Pastor
Baptist Church - New Brunswick, Canada

We have been teaching the Crisis 101 material on Sunday nights to a group of 15-20. I taught the Red Sea Rules years ago so I am familiar with it. I love the time frame of video and discussion time. The videos of life testimonies are powerful. I enjoy the teaching of Mr. Morgan. Since he wrote the book he is able to give personal information of how the particular rules came about. It is definitely relative material that can be taught over and over again because crisis will always be a part of life.

Rick Seaton
Sr. Pastor
Henderson Assembly of God - Henderson, TN

We offered this class in the fall at our church. We started with around 25 in the class which grew to over 30. Each week people would say to me that this Crisis Class was so timely and just what they needed. There is so much happening in our society today and so many people hurting. This class really speaks to the heart of the issues and gives people solutions. Thanks you for taking the time to produce this quality presentation so our people can benefit from the video and discussion that followed.

Mark Schoonover
Director of Adult Ministries
Grace Community Chapel - St. Peters, MO

"I'm attending Crisis 101 being led by a chaplain at the Air Force base. I'm a chaplain in training and am really impressed with the material and would like to purchase it for myself. As a layperson, I would like to use this in my own personal ministry and maybe at work."

Layman - Marvin W.
Chaplain in Training - Alabama

"We had our "Friend Day" last Sunday. We promoted Crisis 101 and put it in the bulletin and some of the friends that visited are already wanting to purchase workbooks and come to the class. These are people that have never come to any of our classes and have ever been to our church before."

Pastor Leo B.
First Assembly of God - NC

"I've been doing Crisis 101 with 5 people. They want to take the class again when we launch church-wide. I suggested that they each lead a group. They were excited to be able to lead others through the resource. I'm sure it will catch fire."

Deb L. - Minster of Education
First United Methodist Church - Maryland

We went through Crisis 101 at the beginning of 2016. During the 10 weeks we had three of the people in our group experience deaths of close family members. They all shared that this study was exactly what they needed to help themselves and also use as a tool to minister to loved ones in their families.

One lady in our class shared how she had gone through breast cancer a number of years ago and had she had something like Crisis 101 it would have helped her get through it with much more confidence.

A number of people have shared the book, The Red Sea Rules, with friends and family. They have found the scripture passages to be so helpful and the principles are ones that people can use almost daily.

We have made this study available to our Stephen Ministry teams as well as our Small Group ministry. It's an invaluable resource to have for your families in your church.

Julie B.
Director of Family Life
St. Paul Lutheran Church and School – Michigan

Our Sr. Pastor resigned a little while ago and I’ve been given the interim responsibilities in addition to everything I already do. I had to do something on Sunday nights and I wanted to do something that was meaningful plus I didn’t have the time to do all the research needed to put together a series on my own so I chose to do Crisis 101. We’ve been through three sessions so far and it’s been really good. It’s actually hitting some people right where they and helping them with what they are going through right now. When I bought it I didn’t know what exactly what we would do with it or when we would use it. But I guess God already knew all that. It will be something that we will continue to use down the road.

I’ve got one lady who was diagnosed with cancer right about the same time I started this material and she was told that she was going to have to go through chemotherapy. Just before her first chemo treatment I shared with her the first session and a little bit of some of the other sessions after that. I was able to speak to her about how she can give glory to God by the way she handles herself in this time. She has picked up on that and realized that her disease is not all about her. It has enabled her to witness and give glory to God through that. It has helped her take her eyes completely off herself and what she’s going through.

Barry W.
Assoc./Interim Pastor
Stoney Creek Church (Freewill Baptist) – North Carolina

I think it’s safe to say that Crisis 101 was one of the best adult resources that we have ever used. We combined two of our adult classes for the viewing, and every Sunday was well attended, and well discussed….which is the key to a great resource! Does it generate discussion amongst your adults? Crisis 101 creates discussion, and challenges God’s people for change.

Steve J.
Family Fellowship –Texas

The group has thoroughly enjoyed Crisis 101. It’s a very interactive, discussion based Bible study. Between the video teaching and the discussion in the group, it’s really been an encouragement. They really like it so I’m starting another group today. I’m also thinking about preaching a sermon series out of it using the sermon notes. It think it would be very interesting and enlightening.

Chaplain Randall J.
Maxwell Air Force Base, AL

It’s going really well. We’ve gotten to Rule #3 which probably has clicked in best for most of our people (Rule #3: Acknowledge your enemy but keep your eyes on the Lord). (Because of the depth of discussion) we actually only did half the lesson and we’ll finish the second half this week.

Mark N.
First Church of God – Indiana

Crisis 101 has had a profound impact on our people! Robert Morgan hit the bullseye of where our people (and yours) are today - it offers real, God-ordained answers that provide hope for the hurting, as well as much needed instruction and encouragement for those walking beside someone in the midst of crisis. The short testimonies in the instruction videos related really well to the needs we’ve had, currently have or will have. The icing on the cake was the outreach that resulted from our people purchasing multiple copies of the Red Sea Rules book to pass out to their friends. All in all this program went above and beyond our expectation - and there is no doubt its influence will continue for some time.

Ed and Robin S.
Vine and Branch Free Methodist Church - NY

It is always interesting how God arranges circumstances in advance so that what we need is available when we need it. In our group of 7 families, 2 of them have experienced significant crisis while doing this study. Both families have expressed how the principles outlined in Crisis 101 have ministered to them personally and given them direction for response to the current crisis. It also gave a ‘language’ for the families to use as they talked about their crisis with each other (encouragement and discipleship). This also helped them to specifically pray for one another as they decided on which principle each needed to dwell on in the stage of their crisis. The testimonies in the study are powerful and practical to people’s lives. Brother Morgan’s teaching is thorough, Biblical, practical, encouraging, soothing, and enlightening. We will be using it again as a Growth Group resource with another group of people.

Jeff B.
Northview Christian Church – Michigan

Just wanted to let you know Crisis 101 is blowin the roof off over here and we have over 200 people rockin through it every week. Most of our people do Small Groups on Sunday nights, but our “old schoolers” still meet at the church and it has BOOMED our Sunday night attendance in their class – they went from 20 to 50! God is really doing things here...

Nathan B.
Deacon and Adult Discipleship Coordinator
Mountainside Church of Christ – New Mexico

Just a note to say that the two groups here at Dahlonega United Methodist Church that have used the "CRISIS 101" course from Robert Morgan have loved it! The workbooks are clear and easy to use. The testimonials are powerful. Morgan, himself, is always gracious, down-to-earth and solidly biblical. Our discussions have been rich. As a facilitator, I have found it easy to adapt the material to specific needs within the group, and have enjoyed adding in even more scriptural references to enhance the group's learning.

Thanks for a wonderful aid to spiritual growth!

Christy G.
Assistant Pastor,
Dahlonega UMC - Georgia

“(Crisis 101) is going great. We have some people that have really gone through some struggles, some people that are going through struggles, and those that aren’t but want to help those who are. It is really good. We are really enjoying it. It is really great.”

Jonathan J.
Minister of Education/Music
First Baptist Church - Texas

We had two deaths in our church in a single week. A family lost a 17 year old boy in a car accident and another one lost a 4 year old little girl who was climbing a shelf and pulled a large TV down on top of her. I was able to provide Crisis 101 online to both families. The mothers from each family both came back and thanked me for providing that to them because Crisis 101 allowed them to shift their focus from being angry with God to praising Him.

Butch R.
First Baptist Church - Arkansas

“We are greatly enjoying the Red Sea Rules and Crisis 101 resource in our Stephen Ministry. It’s a great supplemental training resource for our team.”

Sheri S.
Minister of Congregational Care
FUMC – Georgia

“We’ll be launching Crisis 101 in about 4 months but I’ve been using Crisis 101 in my counseling. I went out to lunch with a man who was just a mess. His family was in crisis. I provided him the online access to it and it’s been tremendous for him and provided a big turnaround for his family.”

Tom B.
Sr. Pastor
Niagara Frontier Bible Church – New York

“We advertised Crisis 101 on our sign. We have filled up our auditorium on Wednesday nights teaching it. Half of the people are regular church members. The other half are non-church members (and some of those are homeless folks that we’re being able to minister to). They all hear it and can apply it.”

Eddie S.
Senior Minister
University Ave. Church of Christ - Texas

“(Crisis 101) has moved up the chain for me. I’m hoping to move this up to the ‘whole church’ level instead of the small group level.”

George S.
Minister of Pastoral/Congregational Care
Crossroad Church (UMC) - Florida

“Crisis 101 certainly made a measurable impact in the lives of those that completed it. There was only 1 or 2 that didn’t complete it due to extenuating circumstances. Normally, with these Sunday evening classes, people are happy to take the class and happy when it’s over because they are ready to reclaim that time in their schedules. Not so with this class. It was absolutely unanimous that everyone wanted to continue the process and continue the group dynamic that God had built within the class and were ready to take the next step with the 13 sessions of Crisis Care.”

Paul B.
Sr. Pastor
Newport Hills Community Church - Washington

“I’m going to be honest with you. We get all kinds of offers for material all the time. There’s only been two resources that I have found that can benefit anyone at any time. Crisis 101 is one of them. It is timeless. Powerful, powerful stuff that every believer needs to know and understand. I’m excited.”

Rick H.
Sr. Minister
Mountainside Church of Christ – New Mexico

On Rob Morgan’s Teaching Style

People feel like it’s meeting them where they are. You can tell that Rob Morgan has walked through this. This is something that God had to have taught to him. It’s not just something he learned in seminary. My people love the way he speaks. He speaks in a way we all understand. He makes it simple yet profound. And it allows us to relate to a people that lived thousands of years ago and see that God’s Word is applicable to us this very day. It’s very practical.

His overall take to Crisis 101

It has been a real practical, hands-on thing. It helps people in their spiritual trials and crisis to be able to say “Now I can see where I am in this yet it also gives me the hope that I need in this.” This is something that touches the heart. It something that everybody has to deal with. This is something that everybody faces at some point in their life if they haven’t already. It has been a great series.

Reaction to the Life Stories

Some of those life stories almost knock the wind out of you. Everyone in the class is relating to them in different ways because some of the people in our class are going through Alzheimer’s. Some of them have lost children. It seems like each week, each story ministers to somebody in a different way.

Take on the Red Sea Rules Book

I have one man that has purchase 10-12 Red Sea Rules books from me. He keeps passing them out to friends because he keeps telling me “Well, the Holy Spirit keeps telling me to do this so give me another book.”

Class involvement

It is unique because the whole class gets involved in the discussion. People that don’t even normally say anything will speak here.

Butch D.
First Baptist Church - Georgia
Minister of Pastoral Care and Counseling