The Ministry Match

Right People + Right Job = Kingdom Success

There are dozens of different skill testing, personality assessment, and gift discovery surveys. Some are fairly good, others fall short, and none are completely comprehensive, particularly when it comes to positions in Christian ministry. Filling staff and volunteer positions in a ministry setting can be very frustrating and time-consuming. Ministry Match takes the burden off search teams and gives them a simple, yet thorough, system to evaluate and place the right individuals, in the right job, every time. Also perfect for staff retreats and team dynamic evaluations.

The multi-faceted MM surveys measure the elements of an individual's life that are directly related to Christian ministry. This survey can be taken by any number of candidates and all the information is stored in your private church account. Then, with Ministry Connect, the system will match each candidate to the ministry position that best fits their skills, personality, and gifting. An easy-to-use, time-saving system that can be used in every area of ministry.

All Grace Digital Library Subscribers receive a year of Ministry Connect service and one free survey of their choice, Professional or Laity.

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    MinistryMatch - Laity

    There is no substitute for reliable, gifted lay volunteers. They are absolutely critical to the daily function and viability of the local church. Recruiting and placing those volunteers in positions that best suit their gifts and personality is a challenging task. Success and fruitfulness keeps volunteers motivated and enthusiastic about their job, no matter how menial it may seem. The Laity survey will help leaders discern who are the best candidates, where to place them, and how each volunteer is most likely to function and succeed. Call your Library Specialist to get connected to The Ministry Match - 800-527-4014.

  • Gene Getz

    MinistryMatch - Professional

    If someone has ever served on a staff search committee they fully understand the difficulties that often come with the task. Interviews, resumes, phone calls, and multiple meetings can chew up endless hours. Days, weeks, and months can be consumed in filling pastoral and support positions. The Ministry Match Professional survey can make that job much easier and more fulfilling. Search teams can narrow down candidates to the one or two best suited to fill the criteria they establish. Save time, energy, and tons of frustration by using this unique and comprehensive survey.Call your Library Specialist to get connected to The Ministry Match - 800-527-4014.

  • Periscope

    Ministry Connect

    Ministry Connect allows church leaders to establish criteria for each ministry position, staff and volunteer. Once the criteria are set, Ministry Connect will take each survey that has been submitted and run it through its sophisticated screening system. Then it issues a report on the top two candidates for any position you request. In one simple step Ministry Connect can point you to the top candidates for each job. A simple, easy-to-use program that every Grace Library Member gets to use at no cost for a full year.Call your Library Specialist to get connected to The Ministry Match - 800-527-4014.