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Your Work Matters To God

Christianity doesn't end at the doorway of the local church.  We are called to be "Christian" at work, home, school, everywhere we walk.  Doug Sherman gives solid answers to Christian men and women who may spend the majority of their waking hours in a secular work environment.  He reassures and encourages us that "Your Work Matters to God". 

Everything we do is a reflection of Christ, and our work is no exception.  This series is one of the most practical ever produced for the Church.  Everyone works in one way or another.  Are we really living like it "matters to God"?

Your Work Matters To God Home

Measure of Spiritual Maturity

Grace Ministries proudly presents the Church Renewal Project called "The Measure of Spiritual Maturity". Church leaders everywhere want to see their people grow and mature in Christ. That is exactly why this series was produced.

Dr. Gene Getz, along with a host of trusted and respected leaders bring this empowering series to life. Tony Evans, Max Lucado, Charles Stanley many others work together to make this powerful series the best overall discipleship in the country! Leader Guide and Workbook available in PDF download.

Measure of Spiritual Maturity

Dr Gene Getz and Grace Ministries have forged an exclusive partnership to present "1,500 Principles to Live By". This vast libray of video teachings has been ten years in the making! Covering over 240 topics and touching on every book of the Bible this is a priceless resource for anyone wanting to know more about our great God. Each video covers a specific subject and can be accessed in the easy to use search engine located in the Grace Digital Library. Become a member today and begin exploring the best in solid biblical teaching.

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Grace Ministries has partnered with 7Marks Resources and Dr. Max Anders. Introducing “The Brave New Discipleship System", available in the Grace Digital Library. You have trusted us for over 40 years to bring you the very best in educational and counseling resources. We are now pleased to offer one of the finest discipleship and basic apologetic productions we have seen.

Dr. Anders brings many years of experience as a Bible college and seminary professor into this comprehensive discipleship course. Author of over 20 books, including the best-selling "30 Days to Understanding the Bible" (500,000 in print), he is also a veteran pastor and general editor of the 32-volume Holman Bible Commentary.

Brave New Discipleship is easy to understand and presents the truth of God's Word in a simple, straight-forward teaching method that is interesting and suitable in any setting. With the BND System, seekers, new believers, and longtime followers of Christ will gain confidence and insight into compelling questions about our God and the world He has created.

The BND System is divided into 4 separate courses. Each moves participants deeper and deeper into the Christian faith. 1. Knowing, 2. Understanding, 3. Becoming, and 4. Doing combine to take believers on a journey towards maturity in Christ. Knowing (course one) is available in the Grace Ministries Digital Library at no charge to our Licensed Library Customers. The other 3 courses, hard copy DVD's, and beautiful workbooks are available at www.bravenewdiscipleship.com. Each session is about 25 minutes.

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Crisis Care

Crisis affects every family,church andcommunity. If not now, thencertainly later, a crisis situation will hit our lives or the lives of those welove. Are you ready to help those that are hurting? Do you know what to say and do?

God has called all of us, in one way or another, to meet the needs of those around us.Crisis occursevery day.Loss of a job, death of a spouse, robbery,drug addiction, illness, suicide, heart attack, miscarriage,rape, car wreck, and divorce are just the beginning of a long listwe face. Let "Crisis Care - Hope for the Hurting" give you the tools you need to be a light in the darkness.

Crisis Care

The Victory

"Victory" is an elusive commodity as most of us struggle through the trials and troubles of life.  More often than not we muddle along and hope tomorrow will be better. But, at times, we fall into despair and quit trying.  God has not intended for us to live such lives.  His "new life" brings us victory in the midst of struggle and even equips us to help others in their struggles.  "The Victory - Overcoming the Trials of Life" gives us solid practical lessons on how to experience joy, life, and light  through trials.  Dr. H. Norman Wright lends his wisdom to help find God's path to victory for us and for others.

The Victory Home