A 49 Day Journey to Living a Transformed Life


FACT: 40% of Emerging Adults (ages 18 to 29) claim no Christian affiliation whatsoever. That is expected to grow to 50% by 2025.

FACT: Only 5 out 100 emerging adults that claim a biblical worldview, actually live it out in daily life.

FACT: 75% of emerging adults that claim to be “born-again” do not believe that Christ is the only way to heaven.

Is the Church failing the next generation? From these statistics, and many more, the answer is a resounding YES! What can be done? Current cultural trends are infiltrating the minds and hearts of Christians of every age and most so of young adults. Social media, music, the movie industry, and our pluralistic society are pulling believers by the tens of thousands into compromise and watered-down faith.

Grace Ministries, in partnership with the nationally-known Probe Ministries present “PERISCOPE”. Seven powerful sessions to equip believers to combat the onslaught of secular culture. Each session is uniquely designed to help us gain an eternal perspective (See Above) and find strength to walk in faith every day (Live Beyond). The sessions integrate thought provoking video, insightful and challenging discussion, and music from Dove Award winner, Jennie Lee Riddle.

*Periscope is born from the "ONCE CAPTIVE" project and the powerful resource tools in the book Cultural Captives.

"PERISCOPE" can be experienced in two ways:

1. A Full Church-Wide Project that includes the Church Assessment Survey, Music Package for worship/choir, Sermon Outlines, Online and/or DVD Sessions, Voicemail/Email Messages, Leader Guide, and Journey Devotional Book. See Leader Portal for details.

2. A Small Group program that provides the Online and/or DVD sessions, Music CD, Journey Devotinal Book, Leader Guide, and optional Voicemail/Email messages.

Endorsed by Tony Evans, Josh McDowell, Jack Graham, Dr. Richard Land, Robert Jeffress and many more

"Periscope empowers Christians to become a positive influence for good in the midst of darkness and despair" -Dr. Tony Evans

The PERISCOPE Experience:

  • The Full Sermon Series
  • Periscope Book – 49 Day Devotional
  • Voicemail/Email Support Messages
  • Periscope DVD Set – 7 Sessions
  • Church-Wide Assessment Survey
  • Now I’m Bound Music CD
  • Comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide


  1. Looking Through God’s Periscope
  2. Seeing the Source of Deception
  3. The Danger of False Views
  4. The Danger of False Living
  5. Embracing a True Vision
  6. Renewing in the Truth
  7. Seeing Above – Living Beyond


Periscope Resources

  • Mens Workbook
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    12 Songs to Inspire, Challenge, and Encourage

    Dove Award-Winning songwriter Jennie Lee Riddle pours her heart into this powerful collection. The album is integrated into the Periscope teaching and will help participants connect spiritually and emotionally to the material. Complete sheet music for a worship band or a full orchestra can also be purchased.

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  • Womens workbook
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    PERISCOPE - A 49 Day Journey to Living a Transformed Life

    This devotional is the key ingredient to the Periscope experience. Participants are given an insightful, thought-provoking reading to consider each day. The lessons are then explained further and discussed at the weekly meetings.

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    The Beliefs & Behavior of American Young Adults

    Author, Steve Cable devoted years of research to develop this comprehensive book that details what is happening to youth and young adults growing in our culture. His findings are both heart-breaking and challenging. Is the Church losing the battle for the next generation of believers?

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  • launch kit
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    Get the basic tools to get rolling with Periscope Experience

    The Launch Kit contains the DVD Set, 5 Periscope Devotionals, Faciliator's Guide, Now I'm Bound CD, and a copy of Cultural Captives. This kit is available on the Product page and also includes full online access to the series.

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